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Title: Progressive systemic sclerosis in south India.
Authors: Krishnamurthy, V
Porkodi, R
Ramakrishnan, S
Rajendran, C P
Madhavan, R
Achuthan, K
Parthiban, M
Chandrasekaran, A N
Issue Date: 1-Mar-1991
Citation: Krishnamurthy V, Porkodi R, Ramakrishnan S, Rajendran CP, Madhavan R, Achuthan K, Parthiban M, Chandrasekaran AN. Progressive systemic sclerosis in south India. Journal of the Association of Physicians of India. 1991 Mar; 39(3): 254-7
Abstract: Seventy eight patients with progressive systemic sclerosis (PSS) were seen over a period of 14 years. They were analysed after clinical, haematological, biochemical, immunological and radiological investigations for comparison with other Indian and Western studies. Nine of the 78 were cases of childhood PSS. There was a female preponderance (3.9:1) and the peak age of occurrence was the 4th decade (32.1%). Arthralgia (53.8%) and skin thickening (70.5%) were the common presenting symptoms. Raynaud's phenomenon (28.2%) was less common. Involvement of the skin was present in all the patients and skin biopsy was positive in 96% of the cases. Joints were affected in 66.7%; internal organs were involved in 52.6%. Antinuclear antibody was positive in 56.8%. Abnormal echocardiography (37.6%) and barium studies (20.4%) were seen. Restrictive airway pattern by pulmonary function test was present in 55%. Death occurred in 5 patients, of whom 3 died of severe pulmonary hypertension.
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