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Title: Medical evaluation of child abuse.
Authors: Patel, D R
Gushurst, C
Issue Date: 8-Jul-1999
Citation: Patel DR, Gushurst C. Medical evaluation of child abuse. Indian Journal of Pediatrics. 1999 Jul-Aug; 66(4): 577-87
Abstract: Child abuse is a world-wide problem and has existed in all societies and cultures in various forms since ancient times. Intrafamilial physical and sexual abuse is well recognized in United States and other western countries. In countries like India there is a general lack of sensitivity to the issue among professionals and the lay public alike. The pressing issues of poverty, malnutrition, and infectious diseases take priority on resource allocation. Although some of the methods of child rearing and discipline may be culturally sanctioned and inherent, it does not necessarily mean they are harmless. In this paper the authors present clinical signs and symptoms of physical and sexual abuse which occur in the intrafamilial context and are of direct relevance to the medical practitioner.
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