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Title: Scholastic performance of adolescents.
Authors: Nair, M K C
Paul, Mini K
Padmamohan, J
Issue Date: 27-Aug-2003
Citation: Nair MK, Paul MK, Padmamohan J. Scholastic performance of adolescents. Indian Journal of Pediatrics. 2003 Aug; 70(8): 629-31
Abstract: OBJECTIVE: To find out the factors affecting scholastic performance of adolescents belonging to various groups and the determinants for poor scholastic performance. METHODS: 1892 adolescents of 13 to 19 years age group belonging to different category of schools were interviewed and assessed by a team consisting of pediatrician, psychologist and PG-DCCD* students using Teenage Screening Questionnaire--Trivandrum and Study Habit Rating Scale. Daily study pattern, Family environment, Education status of parents, Personal distractions, and Attitude towards studies were observed as factors affecting scholastic performance. RESULT: On multivariate analysis the predictor variables for poor scholastic performance were; lower studying daily lessons, poor concentration in studies, lower education status of father and unhappy family. CONCLUSION: It is feasible to identify determinants of scholstic performance and plan intervention strategies at school level.
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