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Title: Perinatal risk factors in neonatal infections.
Authors: Raghavan, M
Mondal, G P
Bhat, B V
Srinivasan, S
Issue Date: 1-May-1992
Citation: Raghavan M, Mondal GP, Bhat BV, Srinivasan S. Perinatal risk factors in neonatal infections. Indian Journal of Pediatrics. 1992 May-Jun; 59(3): 335-40
Abstract: Perinatal risk factors were studied among 50 cases of neonatal septicemia and 200 matched normal neonates during one year period. The consanguinity among parents, birth order and sex of the baby did not increase the risk for developing septicemia. There was significant increase in the risk for septicemia when the duration of labour was more than 24 hours (P less than 0.01), time interval between rupture of membrane and delivery of baby was more than 12 hours (P less than 0.001), liquor was meconium stained or foul smelling (P less than 0.001) and delivery was operative (P less than 0.01). The neonatal factors identified with risk for septicemia were preterm delivery (P less than 0.01), low birth weight (P less than 0.01), birth asphyxia (P less than 0.001) assisted ventilation (P less than 0.001) and intravenous alimentation (P less than 0.02). Identification of high risk pregnancies and appropriate management can minimize many of the above risk factors which in turn will reduce the occurrence of neonatal sepsis.
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