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Title: Perinatal mortality at a tertiary care hospital in Punjab.
Authors: Verma, M
Chhatwal, J
Chacko, B
Issue Date: 8-Jul-1999
Citation: Verma M, Chhatwal J, Chacko B. Perinatal mortality at a tertiary care hospital in Punjab. Indian Journal of Pediatrics. 1999 Jul-Aug; 66(4): 493-7
Abstract: The present report is a comparative analysis of perinatal mortality rate (PNMR) over two different periods of seven years each viz. 1982-1988 and 1989-1995. Data of all the perinatal deaths in babies born at Christian Medical College and Hospital, Ludhiana from January 1989 to December 1995 was collected. The cause of death was ascertained by a detailed history, clinical examination and whenever possible, by autopsy and analysed by modified Wigglesworth's classification. The PNMR during both the study periods was exactly the same i.e. 74/1000. There was a significant decline in the early neonatal mortality rate from 32/1000 to 25/1000. This was mainly due to improved survival of preterms as there were better life support measures available in the latter part of study period. In contrast, the still birth rate increased significantly from 42/1000 to 49/1000, thus neutralizing the fall of neonatal mortality. There was no change in the pattern of causes of death. Macerated still births occurring mainly in growth retarded babies and asphyxia remained the major causes of death. Mere provision of health services is not going to decrease PNMR. There is a need to educate 'the ultimate' consumers i.e. the women, for better utilization of these services. There is also an urgent need to sensitize and involve the medical practitioners imparting obstetrical services for solving these issues.
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