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Title: Serological diagnosis of celiac disease.
Authors: Bhatnagar, S
Bhan, M K
Issue Date: 2-Nov-1999
Citation: Bhatnagar S, Bhan MK. Serological diagnosis of celiac disease. Indian Journal of Pediatrics. 1999 ; 66(1 Suppl): S26-31
Abstract: In developing countries like India, unlike in the West, diagnosis of celiac disease is a dilemma because the histological changes consistent with celiac disease may not be pathognomonic of the disease. We need clarity on how to use one or more of the serological antibodies, namely IgG and IgA anti-gliadin and IgA anti-endomysial antibodies as independent disease markers or as adjuncts to clinico-histological diagnosis. In this review, various possible algorithms have been discussed. The serological antibodies can be used as reliable screening tests to decide whom to biopsy and to interpret histological changes in our settings where malnutrition and intercurrent enteric infection are common.
Description: 24 references.
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