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Title: Neonatal surgery: a ten year audit from a university hospital.
Authors: Gangopadhyay, A N
Upadhyaya, Vijai D
Sharma, S P
Issue Date: 10-Oct-2008
Citation: Gangopadhyay AN, Upadhyaya VD, Sharma SP. Neonatal surgery: a ten year audit from a university hospital. Indian Journal of Pediatrics. 2008 Oct; 75(10): 1025-30
Abstract: Neonatal surgery is the flagship and most challenging component of pediatric surgery, which is the youngest subspeciality of surgery. Neonatal surgery carried a survival rate of only 30% three decades ago. In the last decade there has been a significant change in the scenario. Earlier recognition and referral of these anomalies, availability of neonatal intensive care, better preoperative planning, decision, and techniques have lead to the change in the management. This is an audit into the outcome of neonatal surgery from one of the largest units in India over a ten year period. This audit reveals an across the board survival of 65-70% newborns after surgery on nearly two thousand case over a ten year period. It has an important message that while pediatric surgery units expand, risk stratification of surgical newborns and their treatment in suitable units is mandatory to maintain and improve these figures to match international standards over the next decade.
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