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Title: Evaluation and management of the febrile infant in the emergency department.
Authors: Krishnan, Sankaran
Issue Date: 6-Mar-2003
Citation: Krishnan S. Evaluation and management of the febrile infant in the emergency department. Indian Journal of Pediatrics. 2003 Mar; 70 Suppl 1(): S45-50
Abstract: Treating the febrile infant strikes fear in all of us. The source of fever in a very young infant may be a serious bacterial infection. A thorough physical examination is just the beginning of a complete evaluation of a febrile infant. This article discusses appropriate testing, treatment, and disposition of these patients. Within the age group addressed in this article, diagnosis and treatment of febrile neonates (i.e. age < 1 month) are the least controversial. Febrile neonates warrant thorough evaluation, complete diagnostic testing, and aggressive inpatient treatment with i.v. antibiotics. Management of infants between 1-3 months of age may be guided by clinical evaluation and laboratory investigations. In infants above 3 months of age, the clinical assessment can direct regarding laboratory testing and treatment in most of the cases.
Description: 26 references.
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