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Title: Brucellosis concomitant with acute leukemia.
Authors: Bay, Ali
Oner, Ahmet Faik
Dogan, Murat
Acikgoz, Mehmet
Dilek, Imdat
Issue Date: 6-Aug-2007
Citation: Bay A, Oner AF, Dogan M, Acikgoz M, Dilek I. Brucellosis concomitant with acute leukemia. Indian Journal of Pediatrics. 2007 Aug; 74(8): 790-2
Abstract: We present two patients with brucellosis concomitant with acute leukemia. Co-existence of acute leukemia with brucellosis which may have similar symptoms, have not been reported earlier. The first case presented with generalized arthralgia, fever, paleness and pancytopenia. The second patient had mild leucopenia and thrombocytopenia. She presented with fever. We carried out the chemotherapy for both ALL and brucellosis simultaneously. While the first patient's fever disappeared within 3 days, the second patient's fever had continued on subfebril level for five days and then disappeared. We achieved the remission in both patients and no reactivation was observed during the follow-up period.
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