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Title: Tassier cleft no 30 (median cleft from lower lip to manubrium).
Authors: Verma, A
Jain, N
Issue Date: 13-Dec-2001
Citation: Verma A, Jain N. Tassier cleft no 30 (median cleft from lower lip to manubrium). Indian Journal of Pediatrics. 2001 Dec; 68(12): 1163-4
Abstract: One-year-old female presented with cleft of lower lip, mandible, fissured tongue, absent hyoid bone, cleft of manubrium sterni, later is detected clinically by suprasternal bulge at suprasternal region while crying. It is radiologically detected by wide apart medial end of clavicle. This is extremely rare anomaly known as Tassier Cleft no 30.
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