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Title: Maternal antenatal profile and immediate neonatal outcome in VLBW and ELBW babies.
Authors: Roy, K K
Baruah, Jinee
Kumar, Sunesh
Malhotra, Neena
Deorari, A K
Sharma, J B
Issue Date: 29-Aug-2006
Citation: Roy KK, Baruah J, Kumar S, Malhotra N, Deorari AK, Sharma JB. Maternal antenatal profile and immediate neonatal outcome in VLBW and ELBW babies. Indian Journal of Pediatrics. 2006 Aug; 73(8): 669-73
Abstract: OBJECTIVE: To evaluate the antenatal profile of the mother and the immediate neonatal morbidity and mortality till discharge. METHODS: The study was a retrospective analysis of 92 patients of preterm labour who delivered babies weighing RESULTS: A total of 92 mothers in preterm labour at 26 to 34 weeks were admitted and subsequently delivered 70 VLBW babies (< 1500 gms) and 36 ELBW babies (< 1000 gms) including 8 pairs of twins and 3 triplets pregnancies. Majority of the patients (93.4%) were booked. Amongst the various high risk factors for preterm labour, anaemia during pregnancy (32.6%), bacterial vaginosis (26%), gestational hypertension (18.4%) and pervious history of preterm labour (18.4%) were common associations. Calcium channel blocker (Depin) tocolysis was effective in postponing labour from 48 hours to more than 2 weeks. The cesarean section rate was very high (67.3%) in our study. The commoner neonatal complications in both VLBW and ELBW babies were RDS, neonatal jaundice and sepsis. Features of IUGR were seen in both the groups (22.8% in VLBW and 22.2% in ELBW babies). The neonatal mortality rate till discharge was 15.7% in VLBW group and 33.3% in ELBW group. The morality rate was highest in 26 to 30 weeks gestation babies and in babies weighing < 800 gms. CONCLUSION: Antenatal profile of preterm labour in our series showed a number of high risk factors. The identification of common high risk factors is important for appropriate prenatal care. A better neonatal survival rate was possible due to timely intervention, appropriate management and NICU care facility available in our tertiary care centre.
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