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Title: Cystic lymphangioma with special reference to rare sites.
Authors: Pandit, S K
Rattan, K N
Budhiraja, S
Solanki, R S
Issue Date: 8-May-2000
Citation: Pandit SK, Rattan KN, Budhiraja S, Solanki RS. Cystic lymphangioma with special reference to rare sites. Indian Journal of Pediatrics. 2000 May; 67(5): 339-41
Abstract: A 10 year retrospective study of 45 cases of cystic lymphangioma (CL) in children is presented. There were 25 females and 20 males. Age ranged from 6 months to 8 years. Common sites were involved in 38 and rare sites in 7 patients. Rare sites were--gluteal region (1), pelvis (1), retroperitoneum (1), mesentery (2), inguinal region (1) and inguinoscrotal region (1). The clinical presentation included sudden increase in size (25), lump abdomen (3), gluteal abscess (1), abdominal distension (1) and inguinal swelling (2). Diagnosis was established preoperatively in 38 cases, and after surgery and histopathology in 7 cases. Near total or subtotal excision was carried out in all cases. Facial nerve palsy (1) and recurrence (2) were the complications of surgery. The study is presented to highlight the occurrence of the cystic lymphangioma at rare sites to avoid diagnostic errors and unnecessary mutilating surgery.
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