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Title: Length of postnatal stay in healthy newborns and re-hospitalization following their early discharge.
Authors: Gupta, Piyush
Malhotra, Saurabh
Singh, Dharmendra K
Dua, Tarun
Issue Date: 9-Oct-2006
Citation: Gupta P, Malhotra S, Singh DK, Dua T. Length of postnatal stay in healthy newborns and re-hospitalization following their early discharge. Indian Journal of Pediatrics. 2006 Oct; 73(10): 897-900
Abstract: OBJECTIVE: The present study was conducted prospectively to determine i) the length of postnatal hospital stay of healthy newborns and determine the factors facilitating their early discharge (< 48 h) and ii) the frequency and causes of re-hospitalization following early discharge, in a tertiary care hospital. METHODS: Length of hospital stay was recorded for healthy newborns. Factors facilitating Early discharge were determined by both univariate and multivariate (multiple logistic regression) analyses. Of all newborns discharged within 48 h, every third case was called for a follow-up visit 72 hrs later and examined for any medical problem and need of re-hospitalization. RESULTS: A total of 1134 babies were enrolled, of which 861 (76.2%) were discharged at or before 48 hours. The overall mean (SD) length of hospital stay was 46.4 (45.8) h. Factors contributing to early discharge included vaginal delivery (RR: 30.2; 95% CI: 19.0, 47.9; P<0.001), absence of pre-existing maternal disease or obstetric complication (RR: 4.32; 95% CI: 2.27, 8.22; P < 0.001), and birth weight of > 2.5 kg (RR: 1.91; 95% CI: 1.27, 2.89; P = 0.002). Of the 280 neonates called for follow-up, 193 reported. Of these, 61 (31.6%) were normal. Neonatal jaundice was the most frequent problem seen in 105 (54.4%) children on follow-up. Only 16 (8.3%) newborns needed re-hospitalization; the most common indication being neonatal jaundice (n=9). CONCLUSION: Most of the children in our set-up are being discharged within 48 hrs. Early discharge is governed primarily by maternal indications. A follow-up visit after 72 hr is important to assess the need of re-hospitalization in healthy newborns discharged within 48 hrs of birth.
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