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Title: Complementary foods associated diarrhea.
Authors: Sheth, Mini
Dwivedi, Reeta
Issue Date: 31-Jan-2006
Citation: Sheth M, Dwivedi R. Complementary foods associated diarrhea. Indian Journal of Pediatrics. 2006 Jan; 73(1): 61-4
Abstract: The World Health Organization regards illness due to contaminated food as one of the most widespread health problems in the contemporary world. Food safety especially in the weaning groups is one of the major concerns that have posed a threat to health of the children. Millions of children in the world die each year from diarrheal diseases; hundreds of millions suffer from frequent episodes of diarrhea and consequent impairment of nutritional status. Contaminated foods play a major role in the occurrence of diarrheal diseases. Apart from food contamination, transmission of infection occurs by direct contact, highly favored by the habits and customs of the people. Improper storage and handling of cooked food is equally responsible for food-borne illnesses, as during storage especially at ambient temperature (28-38 degrees C) there is the risks of multiplication of pathogenic organisms increase. Food safety education is a critical prerequisite and is an essential element in control and prevention of diarrheal diseases. However, no preventive measures can ever be successful without the acute involvement of the caretakers, other family members and the community. To sensitize the community in a catalytic manner, health workers, community leaders and community volunteers can act as effective change agent, to bring about a behavior that can lead to improvement in their real life practices, thereby reducing the prevalence of diarrheal episodes in young children. Food Safety Education Programs that involve volunteers are cost effective as they can be reached to a maximum number of people through limited health personnels, and by this, the community can be made responsible for its own health problems.
Description: 20 references.
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