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Title: Basic concepts in the treatment of tuberculosis.
Authors: Swaminathan, Soumya
Issue Date: 28-Nov-2002
Citation: Swaminathan S. Basic concepts in the treatment of tuberculosis. Indian Journal of Pediatrics. 2002 Nov; 69 Suppl 1(): S44-9
Abstract: Early diagnosis and prompt treatment of tuberculosis is important in order to minimize complications and sequelae. It is important to select the proper regimen and ensure that the patient is getting adequate number of drugs for adequate duration. The principles of short course chemotherapy and the rationale behind the currently recommended regimens are outlined in this article. Standard (daily or intermittent) 6-month short course regimens are sufficient to cure most forms of tuberculosis in children and only severe forms like miliary, meningitis and neuro-tuberculosis require a longer duration of treatment. Worldwide, the (directly observed therapy) DOTS strategy is now recommended in the order to ensure cure and cut down the transmission of disease in the community and wherever possible, should be employed in the treatment of tuberculosis in children also.
Description: 22 references.
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