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Title: Alagille syndrome.
Authors: Shendge, Harshalee
Tullu, Milind S
Shenoy, Asha
Chaturvedi, Rachana
Kamat, Jaishree R
Khare, Manisha
Joshi, Amita
Issue Date: 8-Sep-2002
Citation: Shendge H, Tullu MS, Shenoy A, Chaturvedi R, Kamat JR, Khare M, Joshi A. Alagille syndrome. Indian Journal of Pediatrics. 2002 Sep; 69(9): 825-7
Abstract: Syndromic paucity of bile ducts or "Alagille syndrome" is characterized by peculiar facies, chronic cholestasis, posterior embryotoxon, butterfly-like vertebral arch defects and peripheral pulmonary artery hypoplasia or stenosis. We present a two-year-old female child with the 'partial' or 'incomplete' Alagille syndrome. The child had three of the five major features of the syndrome. A brief review of literature of the syndrome is presented.
Description: 9 references.
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