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Title: Triple X syndrome with rare phenotypic presentation.
Authors: Jagadeesh, Sujatha
Jabeen, Gazala
Bhat, Lathaa
Vasikarla, Madhavi
Suresh, Arvind
Seshadri, Suresh
Lata, S
Issue Date: 7-Jun-2008
Citation: Jagadeesh S, Jabeen G, Bhat L, Vasikarla M, Suresh A, Seshadri S, Lata S. Triple X syndrome with rare phenotypic presentation. Indian Journal of Pediatrics. 2008 Jun; 75(6): 629-31
Abstract: Triple X syndrome is a rare numerical chromosomal anomaly, occurring as a result of non dysjunction in meiosis I. Most cases have neurodevelopmental defects and functional problems. We report two cases diagnosed in our centre. The first was a fetus with cleft lip and palate, 47, XXX was identified by Fetal Blood Sampling. The second was a child with multisystem anomaly including cleft lip and palate, whose karyotype also revealed 47, XXX. Though isolated cases of associated abnormalities have been reported there have not been consistent phenotypic changes reported with this condition.
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