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Title: Endocrinological parameters in experimental unilateral undescended testis.
Authors: Srinivas, M
Agarwala, S
Jha, P
Misro, M M
Mitra, D K
Issue Date: 8-Mar-1999
Citation: Srinivas M, Agarwala S, Jha P, Misro MM, Mitra DK. Endocrinological parameters in experimental unilateral undescended testis. Indian Journal of Pediatrics. 1999 Mar-Apr; 66(2): 193-6
Abstract: It is a common clinical practice to estimate FSH, LH and testosterone levels in patients with unilateral undescended testis (U/L UDT) as a prognostic pointer to fertility potential. Is this practice correct? To ascertain this aspect, new born rats were operated to create experimental U/L UDT by gubernaculectomy and anchoring the gubernaculum to anterior abdominal wall. Fertility and hormone levels were evaluated later in adult life. Though fertility of rats with U/L UDT was significantly less (p < 0.01) than the controls, no significant alterations were found in the levels of serum testosterone, FSH and LH. Even though variations in the hormone levels may be responsible, to a certain extent, for the decrease in fertility potential in U/L UDT, estimation of sex hormone levels in U/L UDT is not a sensitive indicator of fertility potential. U/L UDT may additionally be affecting fertility through non-endocrinological mechanisms.
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