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Title: Dermatoglyphic profile in congenital cataracts.
Authors: Angra, S K
Rao, N P
Panda, A
Grewal, M S
Issue Date: 1-May-1990
Citation: Angra SK, Rao NP, Panda A, Grewal MS. Dermatoglyphic profile in congenital cataracts. Indian Journal of Pediatrics. 1990 May-Jun; 57(3): 429-35
Abstract: Forty-five children with congenital cataract cases were studied for patterns and compared with age sex matched controls. The patients showed marked differences in different dermatoglyphic traits. The intra uterine aetiological groups i.e. rubella, hereditary and undetected aetiology, showed variations in mainline terminations. Rubella group showed increased angle atd.
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