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Title: Multiple papilloma larynx.
Authors: Yadav, S P
Gera, A
Singh, J
Ranga, R K
Issue Date: 14-Aug-2000
Citation: Yadav SP, Gera A, Singh J, Ranga RK. Multiple papilloma larynx. Indian Journal of Pediatrics. 2000 Aug; 67(8): 567-9
Abstract: Multiple papilloma of larynx is caused by human papilloma virus. We treated sixteen such cases (10 males and six females) in the last 10 years. All presented with hoarseness while six presented with difficulty in respiration. Three patients needed tracheostomy, all had difficult decanulation, and one developed laryngotracheal stenosis and could not be decanulated. All were treated by surgical excision; ten had recurrence. Four patients were treated with post operative Acyclovir with no recurrence in three cases.
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