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Title: Product availability for pediatric parenteral nutrition.
Authors: Gopalan, S
Issue Date: 2-Nov-1999
Citation: Gopalan S. Product availability for pediatric parenteral nutrition. Indian Journal of Pediatrics. 1999 ; 66(1 Suppl): S150-4
Abstract: Availability of parenteral nutrition (PN) products for use in pediatric patients is an important factor for popularity of PN in developing countries like India. The overall cost of PN supplementation in the adult patient works out to be approximately Rs. 2000 per day. It should be more cost effective in a child, working out to Rs. 750 per day on an average. However, it is not so because smaller bags of 100 ml capacity designed for pediatric use are not so readily available. The article provides detailed information regarding presently available PN products in Indian markets. All-in-one PN bags of 100 ml capacity (containing amino acids, lipids and dextrose), designed for use in adult patients, would not be cost effective for use in children. Opinions regarding PN mixing are divided and most of the practitioners in the developed countries do not favour mixing because higher concentrations of lipids and dextrose in the solution can cause metabolic derangements in the patients. In view of the problems related to availability of PN products, mixing PN solution may be ideal for India, if calorie content of the infusate is kept at a level just enough to sustain life but not high enough to cause metabolic disturbances.
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