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Title: Perinatal tuberculosis.
Authors: Ray, M
Goraya, J S
Basu, S
Parmar, V
Issue Date: 24-Apr-2001
Citation: Ray M, Goraya JS, Basu S, Parmar V. Perinatal tuberculosis. Indian Journal of Pediatrics. 2001 Apr; 68(4): 343-5
Abstract: Perinatal tuberculosis is insufficiently understood. Its early diagnosis is essential but often difficult as the initial manifestations may be delayed. Improved screening of women at risk and sensitivity of the medical community are necessary. A coherent system of cooperation between the hospital and community services and between pediatricians and adult physicians is indispensable to find the index adult case to break the chain of contagion as well as to offer prophylactic therapy to the children at risk. We hereby report a baby with perinatal tuberculosis who was not offered any prophylactic therapy inspite of the mother being diagnosed to have pulmonary tuberculosis.
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