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Title: Nocturnal enuresis.
Authors: Kanitkar, Madhuri
Dua, Tarun
Issue Date: 6-Mar-2003
Citation: Kanitkar M, Dua T. Nocturnal enuresis. Indian Journal of Pediatrics. 2003 Mar; 70(3): 251-5
Abstract: Nocturnal enuresis is a benign condition, yet needs treatment to relieve the child and parents of the accompanying anxiety and the stigma attached to it. It is defined as normal nearly complete evacuation of the bladder at a wrong place and time at least twice a month after the fifth year of life. The underlying cause of enuresis is functional and various proposed pathophysiological mechanisms like maturational delay, genetics, role of sleep, antidiuretic hormone, and bladder capacity are discussed. These factors have a bearing on the management. As no treatment plan is ideal, various treatment modalities currently available including good supportive care are elaborated and a plan of management discussed.
Description: 27 references.
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