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Title: Foreign body in upper digestive tract.
Authors: Shivakumar, A M
Naik, Ashok S
Prashanth, K B
Yogesh, B S
Hongal, Girish F
Issue Date: 4-Aug-2004
Citation: Shivakumar AM, Naik AS, Prashanth KB, Yogesh BS, Hongal GF. Foreign body in upper digestive tract. Indian Journal of Pediatrics. 2004 Aug; 71(8): 689-93
Abstract: OBJECTIVE: Foreign body ingestion is a common clinical problem, encountered in children. METHODS: A total number of 104 patients with ingested foreign body admitted in our hospital are reviewed. Endoscopic removal was done for all foreign objects impacted in esophagus. RESULT: In 84.6% cases, history of having swallowed the foreign body was most common symptom. Majority of patients (61.53%) presented within 24 hours after ingestion of foreign body. Coins were the most frequent offending agents in children (87.5%). Seventy six cases of coins were impacted in the postcricoid region. Complications of retropharyngeal abscess was seen in two cases (1.92%), which was associated with sharp foreign body. CONCLUSION: Early removal of these sharp foreign bodies must be considered to reduce the risk of this complication.
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