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Title: Sarcoidosis: child vs adult.
Authors: Yanardag, Halil
Pamuk, Omer Nuri
Uygun, Sedat
Demirci, Sabriye
Karayel, Tuncer
Issue Date: 4-Feb-2006
Citation: Yanardag H, Pamuk ON, Uygun S, Demirci S, Karayel T. Sarcoidosis: child vs adult. Indian Journal of Pediatrics. 2006 Feb; 73(2): 143-5
Abstract: OBJECTIVE: To compare the features of sarcoidosis in children to those of adults. In spite of the fact that sarcoidosis is a disease frequently seen in adults of 30-40 years, pediatric cases have rarely been reported. METHODS: The authors evaluated 17 (3.3%, 12 females, 5 males) of the 516 patients of sarcoidosis, aged 16 yr and diagnosed within a 36-year period. RESULTS: When the features of sarcoidosis subjects diagnosed during the childhood period were compared to those of subjects >16 years of age, it was seen that patients with advanced stage of the disease were more in the first group (41.2% vs 18%, p=0.02). In addition, children had more frequent extrapulmonary (64.7% vs 40.3%) and lacrimal gland involvement (p values, respectively, 0.044 and 0.003). CONCLUSION: When clinical data are relevant, sarcoidosis should be borne in mind. A child with sarcoidosis has more frequent pulmonary parenchymal and extrapulmonary involvement than in adults.
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