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Title: The neonate with congenital heart disease: diagnosis and management.
Authors: Chandramouli, B
Issue Date: 1-Jul-1991
Citation: Chandramouli B. The neonate with congenital heart disease: diagnosis and management. Indian Journal of Pediatrics. 1991 Jul-Aug; 58(4): 453-69
Abstract: In the neonate cyanotic lesions as well as acyanotic lesions (left to right shunts and critical obstructions) manifest in several ways and identification of such lesions is critical in this age group. Evaluation of various presenting signs and symptoms along with various investigational modalities available which includes oxygen saturation, echocardiography along with conventional electrocardiography and chest roentgenography and the newer axial views of cineangiocardiography have made it possible to arrive at a precise diagnosis in defining all of the intra and extracardiac anomalies. This allows one to make full assessment of the presenting problem and offer appropriate management. Anatomical correction of severe defects is possible at present time with very little morbidity and mortality.
Description: 33 references.
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