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Title: Predictors of spontaneous bleeding in Dengue.
Authors: Shivbalan, So
Anandnathan, K
Balasubramanian, S
Datta, Manjula
Amalraj, Edwin
Issue Date: 26-Jan-2004
Citation: Shivbalan S, Anandnathan K, Balasubramanian S, Datta M, Amalraj E. Predictors of spontaneous bleeding in Dengue. Indian Journal of Pediatrics. 2004 Jan; 71(1): 33-6
Abstract: OBJECTIVE: To identify the predictive factors for spontaneous bleeding manifestations in Dengue illness in infants and children. METHODS: 60 cases of Dengue viral infection with spontaneous skin and or mucosal bleed were compared with 72 cases without spontaneous bleed. The protean bleeding manifestations in dengue infection were recorded. Various clinical and laboratory parameters were analyzed using univariate and logistic regression analysis. RESULTS AND CONCLUSION: Prothombin time was abnormal only in cases with spontancous bleed. A combination of (a) biphasic pattern of fever, (b) hemoconcentration, (c) platelet count less than 50,000/mm3 and (d) elevated ALT had a sensitivity of 79.2%, specificity of 64.7% with a positive predictive value of 70% and a negative predictive value of 75% in predicting spontaneous bleeding in dengue.
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