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Title: Fibrochondrogenesis.
Authors: Kulkarni, M L
Matadh, Prakash S
Praveen Prabhu, S P
Kulkarni, Preeti M
Issue Date: 7-Apr-2005
Citation: Kulkarni ML, Matadh PS, Praveen Prabhu SP, Kulkarni PM. Fibrochondrogenesis. Indian Journal of Pediatrics. 2005 Apr; 72(4): 355-7
Abstract: Fibrochondrogenesis is a rare lethal short-limb skeletal dysplasia. Till now only fifteen cases have been reported since Lazzaroni-Fossati first described it in 1978. Hence reported a case of fibrochondrogenesis in a child born to a consanguineously married couple with characteristic physical and radiological features and discuss the incidence, inheritance, ultrasonographic, clinical, radiological and pathological characteristics of this disorder.
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