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Title: Perineal canal: an uncommon entity with good prognosis.
Authors: Jiwane, Ashish
Kumar, Tarun
Kutumbale, Rajneesh
Bhusare, Dattatray
Kothari, Paras
Kulkarni, Bharati
Issue Date: 27-Aug-2003
Citation: Jiwane A, Kumar T, Kutumbale R, Bhusare D, Kothari P, Kulkarni B. Perineal canal: an uncommon entity with good prognosis. Indian Journal of Pediatrics. 2003 Aug; 70(8): 667-9
Abstract: This article reports two patients with perineal canal (anovestibular fistula) who were treated at Dept. of Pediatric Surgery, LTMG Hospital, Mumbai. Both the patients had normal anus and a fistula between the anal canal and the vestibule. They were treated by vestibulo anal pull through procedure. The pathogenesis of this condition and the pertinent literature is reviewed.
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