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Title: Genital standards for south Indian male newborns.
Authors: Vasudevan, G
Bhat, B V
Bhatia, B D
Kumar, S
Issue Date: 1-Sep-1995
Citation: Vasudevan G, Manivarmane , Bhat BV, Bhatia BD, Kumar S. Genital standards for south Indian male newborns. Indian Journal of Pediatrics. 1995 Sep-Oct; 62(5): 593-6
Abstract: One hundred and thirty-five male newborns in JIPMER hospital were studied. The penile length (stretched and unstretched), width as well as testicular length and breadth were measured. The influence of the gestational age and intrauterine growth on these measurements were studied. The mean stretched penile length for term babies was 3.57 cms (+/- 0.46), the unstretched length 3.26 cms (+/- 0.41), and the width was 1.04 cms (+/- 0.15). There was a linear increase in the above measurements with increasing gestational age. The right testicular length was 1.39 cms (+/- 0.28) and breadth was 0.98 cm (+/- 0.15) while the length and breadth for left testis were 1.32 cms (+/- 0.24) and 0.95 cm (+/- 0.14) respectively for term babies. The prepucial type was tubular in 103 (76.3%) babies and of ring type in 32 (23.7%). In 72 (53.3%) babies the prepuce could be retracted enough to visualise external urinary meatus.
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