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Title: Educational provisions and learning disability.
Authors: Kulkarni, Madhuri
Karande, Sunil
Thadhani, Anjana
Maru, Hetal
Sholapurwala, Rukhshana
Issue Date: 29-Sep-2006
Citation: Kulkarni M, Karande S, Thadhani A, Maru H, Sholapurwala R. Educational provisions and learning disability. Indian Journal of Pediatrics. 2006 Sep; 73(9): 789-93
Abstract: OBJECTIVE: To assess the impact of the provisions of the Maharashtra government on the academic performance of children with specific learning disability (SpLD) at the Secondary School Certificate (SSC) board examination. METHODS: The academic performance of 60 children (45 boys, 15 girls) at the SSC board examination with benefit of chosen provisions was compared with their performance at their last annual school examination before diagnosis of SpLD. RESULTS: There was a significant improvement in their mean percentage (%) total marks scored at the SSC board examination as compared with the mean % total marks scored by them at their last annual school examination before the diagnosis (63.48 +/- 7.86 vs. 40.95 +/- 7.23) [mean +/- SD, mean % difference = 22.53, 95% CI = 19.8 - 25.26, P. CONCLUSION: Children with SpLD who availed the benefit of provisions showed a significant improvement in their academic performance at the SSC board examination.
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