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Title: Protective effect of BCG among children vaccinated under universal immunization programme.
Authors: Chadha, V K
Suryanarayana, L
Suryanarayan, H V
Srikantaramu, N
Kumar, P
Issue Date: 5-Dec-2004
Citation: Chadha VK, Suryanarayana L, Suryanarayan HV, Srikantaramu N, Kumar P. Protective effect of BCG among children vaccinated under universal immunization programme. Indian Journal of Pediatrics. 2004 Dec; 71(12): 1069-74
Abstract: A case-control study was conducted to estimate the protective effect of BCG vaccination against tuberculosis among children. The children with suspicion of tuberculosis (TB) attending two hospitals in Bangalore city were registered into the study and subjected to detailed clinical examination and investigations. The presence of BCG scar was taken as evidence of vaccination. Modified Stegen-Jones scoring method was adopted for diagnosing TB. The hospital children with score of 7 were considered as TB cases. Children residing in the neighbourhood of cases were similarly investigated and those scoring 4 were labeled as controls. A total of 118 age-sex matched case-control pairs were identified and final analysis was confined to 113 cases and 109 controls after excluding children with doubtful BCG scar. A low protective effect of BCG vaccination at 31% (not significant, statistically) was observed against TB - all forms combined, among children vaccinated as under Universal Immunization Programme. Though the protective efficacy against extra-pulmonary TB was observed to be higher than for pulmonary TB, it was also not significant, statistically. It will be appropriate to conduct further studies on protection rendered by BCG vaccination against tuberculous meningitis and other severe forms of TB. Besides, the quality of vaccination programme including cold chain maintenance also needs to be evaluated.
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