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Title: Intraventricular neurocysticercosis.
Authors: Kalra, Veena
Mishra, Devendra
Suri, Ashish
Seth, Rachna
Garg, Ajay
Issue Date: 7-Apr-2009
Citation: Kalra V, Mishra D, Suri A, Seth R, Garg A. Intraventricular neurocysticercosis. Indian Journal of Pediatrics. 2009 Apr; 76(4): 420-3
Abstract: Neurocysticercosis is the commonest CNS parasitic disease worldwide but cysticercal meningitis and intraventricular lesions are relatively rare, especially in Indian patients. We herein report a girl with cysticercal meningitis that remained undiagnosed and the patient later presented with unilateral hydrocephalous due to Foramen of Monroe block by an intraventricular cyst. The need for CSF examination with Wright-Giemsa staining to avoid missing CSF eosinophilia is discussed.
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