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Title: Essential hypertension in early and mid-adolescence.
Authors: Savitha, M R
Krishnamurthy, B
Fatthepur, Sudhindra Shayana R
Yashwanth Kumar, A M
Khan, Mudassir Azeez
Issue Date: 7-Nov-2007
Citation: Savitha MR, Krishnamurthy B, Fatthepur SS, Yashwanth Kumar AM, Khan MA. Essential hypertension in early and mid-adolescence. Indian Journal of Pediatrics. 2007 Nov; 74(11): 1007-11
Abstract: OBJECTIVES: To detect prevalence of essential hypertension in early and mid adolescents and to identify various risk factors. METHODS: Blood pressure was recorded in 503 apparently normal school students in 10 to 16 yr age group as per standard guidelines. Detailed clinical examination was done in all cases. A detailed questionnaire was sent to parents. RESULTS: 6.16% of adolescents had high blood pressure at the end of fourth screening. Both systolic and diastolic hypertensions were documented. Increased body mass index and reduced consumption of vegetables and fruits were found to be statistically significant risk factors for hypertension. CONCLUSION: Multiple blood pressure recordings are essential for accurate diagnosis of hypertension. There is a high prevalence of essential hypertension amongst adolescents in Mysore city with modifiable risk factors for hypertension.
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