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Title: Genetic counseling: the impact in Indian milieu.
Authors: Phadke, Shubha R
Pandey, Amita
Puri, Ratna Dua
Patil, S J
Issue Date: 5-Dec-2004
Citation: Phadke SR, Pandey A, Puri RD, Patil SJ. Genetic counseling: the impact in Indian milieu. Indian Journal of Pediatrics. 2004 Dec; 71(12): 1079-82
Abstract: OBJECTIVE: To assess the impact of genetic counseling in Indian milieu. METHODS: A study of 83 Indian consultants who were provided genetic counseling was carried out to understand their expectations, satisfaction with genetic counseling and its effects on reproductive decision. RESULTS: Most of the families were referred for the diagnosis and the treatment of the disorder in the proband. The consultants understood the medical facts about risk of recurrence and were satisfied with genetic counseling. There was no change in reproductive plan after genetic counseling in most of the cases. CONCLUSION: The reproductive decision was mainly correlating with the presence or absence of normal live children in the family and availability of prenatal diagnosis.
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