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Title: Status of toxoplasma antibodies in recurrent fetal loss in U.A.E. women.
Authors: Singh, N
Issue Date: 25-Nov-1998
Citation: Singh N. Status of toxoplasma antibodies in recurrent fetal loss in U.A.E. women. Indian Journal of Pediatrics. 1998 Nov-Dec; 65(6): 891-7
Abstract: A retrospective analysis to determine the status of toxoplasma (IgG & IgM) antibodies in UAE women with recurrent fetal loss was done using immunofluorescence assay. Two thousand three hundred and fourty three patients with one or more fetal loss were studied over a period of five years. In patients with fetal loss, the range of toxoplasma IgG seropositivity varied from 24.2-30.6%. There were 3 patients with IgM positive. Only in a single patient one of her two abortions could be attributed to acute toxoplasmosis. Habitual fetal loss cannot be attributed to chronic toxoplasmosis. Also, 67.2% of the women of child bearing age group in U.A.E were found to be seronegative, highlighting the need for routine antenatal screening to detect primary acute toxoplasmosis.
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