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Title: Pituitary adenomas in childhood.
Authors: Singh, S K
Aggarwal, Rohit
Issue Date: 4-Jul-2005
Citation: Singh SK, Aggarwal R. Pituitary adenomas in childhood. Indian Journal of Pediatrics. 2005 Jul; 72(7): 583-91
Abstract: Pituitary adenomas are common tumors composed of adenohypophysial cells.Although they usually arise in the sella turcica, they may occasionally be ectopic. Pituitary adenomas are rarely diagnosed in childhood and adolescence, but their mass effect and endocrine abnormalities can compromise both quality and length of life. Many signs or symptoms of pituitary adenoma, complained of in adulthood, not became evident during adolescence, suggesting true prevalence of this tumor in teenagers is higher than expected. Pititury adenoma occuring during adolescence are associated with features or therapeutic needs sometimes different from those occuring in adulthood. At the onset of disease, delay in growth was rarely observed in teenagers with pituitary adenomas. Many girls complain of oligoamenorrhoea and galactorrhoea, while headache and delay in pubertal development are the most commons features in boys. Hypopituitarism is occasionally encountered in adolescence. Early diagnosis and appropriate choice of therapy are necessary to avoid permanent endocrine complications of disease and its treatment.
Description: 46 references.
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