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Title: Falciparum malaria.
Authors: Chandar, V
Mehta, S R
Sharma, P D
Sarkar, P K
Sharma, B R
Issue Date: 1-May-1989
Citation: Chandar V, Mehta SR, Sharma PD, Sarkar PK, Sharma BR. Falciparum malaria. Indian Journal of Pediatrics. 1989 May-Jun; 56(3): 365-9
Abstract: We analysed cases of hematologically proved cases of Plasmodium falciparum malaria encountered from July 1984 to Dec 1985 in a military hospital. The age range was 3 days to 10 years. Majority presented with classical symptom of fever (92.7%). Others presented with gastrointestinal (7.3%), hepatic (4.5%), central nervous system (7.3%) and respiratory (3.6%) symptoms. Anemia was found in 36.4%. Hepatosplenomegaly was present in majority of the cases. The rare findings were polyarthritis, rash, urticaria and cerebellar features. All cases responded to chloroquine or quinine. No resistance to drugs was found and there was no mortality.
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