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Title: Neonatal sepsis due to vertical transmission from maternal genital tract.
Authors: Ayengar, V
Vani, S N
Issue Date: 1-Sep-1991
Citation: Ayengar V, Madhulika , Vani SN. Neonatal sepsis due to vertical transmission from maternal genital tract. Indian Journal of Pediatrics. 1991 Sep-Oct; 58(5): 661-4
Abstract: High vaginal swabs (HVS) of 1792 expectant mothers were sent for culture at the time of delivery, prior to first vaginal examination. The newborns were followed-up for development of superficial or deep infections. Appropriate cultures of the babies who developed infections were sent. Bacterial growth of predominantly gram-ve organisms was obtained in 1026 (57%) HVS. Infection developed in 48 (27%) babies in 1st 72 hours of life, of which 28 had deep infection while the rest had superficial infection. Vertical transmission of organisms was documented in 24 (1.3%) mother-baby dyads and the same was 72% in newborns who were at risk of developing sepsis by septicemia scoring, showing a significantly higher incidence of vertical transmission and subsequent sepsis in high risk newborns.
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