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Title: Foetal growth parameters--clinical versus ultrasonographic.
Authors: Berry, M
Coyaji, K J
Gogoi, M P
Kodkany, B S
Parikh, K S
Patel, D
Rawal, M Y
Sengupta, P C
Walvekar, V
Dhillon, B S
Issue Date: 1-Jan-1992
Citation: Berry M, Coyaji KJ, Gogoi MP, Kodkany BS, Parikh KS, Patel D, Rawal MY, Sengupta PC, Walvekar V, Dhillon BS. Foetal growth parameters--clinical versus ultrasonographic. Indian Journal of Pediatrics. 1992 Jan-Feb; 59(1): 91-101
Abstract: The study was conducted in 2831 pregnant women with no diagnosed complication at the time of registration to obtain normal foetal growth pattern for clinical and ultrasonographic parameters. Normal values for maternal weight, fundal height and abdominal girth for clinical and biparietal diameter, abdominal circumferences and femoral length for ultrasonographic parameters are presented. Clinical and ultrasonographic parameters were compared for their efficacy in prediction of low birth weight. Neither clinical nor ultrasonographic parameters were found to be satisfactory in identifying the foetus at risk of low birth weight. It has been found that clinical parameters for routine monitoring are as effective as ultrasonographic parameters and have the added advantage of being easily replicable at the peripheral level of health care.
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