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Title: Controversies in polio immunization.
Authors: Thacker, Naveen
Shendurnikar, Niranjan
Issue Date: 28-Jul-2003
Citation: Thacker N, Shendurnikar N. Controversies in polio immunization. Indian Journal of Pediatrics. 2003 Jul; 70(7): 567-71
Abstract: Vaccines against poliomyelitis have been in use for nearly five decades now and have played a major role in progress towards global eradication of the disease. Both the vaccines, (oral polio vaccine and inactivated polio vaccine) and their uses are still debated with particular reference to their selective advantages vs. disadvantages, choice for individual vs. community protection and their administration strategies. Further occurrence of vaccine associated paralytic poliomyelitis with oral vaccine assumes importance in the face of disappearing disease. Further availability of inactivated polio vaccine in India and its various schedules such as sequential and combination schedules show some promise for polio eradication.
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