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Title: Age during breast feeding and timely suckling.
Authors: Vatsayan, A
Gupta, A K
Dhadwal, D
Ahluwalia, S K
Sharma, R
Sood, R K
Issue Date: 1-Nov-1996
Citation: Vatsayan A, Gupta AK, Dhadwal D, Ahluwalia SK, Sharma R, Sood RK. Age during breast feeding and timely suckling. Indian Journal of Pediatrics. 1996 Nov-Dec; 63(6): 791-4
Abstract: A cross sectional study of 398 mothers and infants was conducted to assess the age at first breast feeding, and its determinants, in Shimla. We found that the timely first suckling rate was 0.10 in urban group and 0.11 in rural group. The median age at initiation of breast feeding was five hours among urban cases and four hours among rural cases. Most of the infants were breast fed by the age of 24 hours which is a positive sign and is higher than previous studies. Absence of definite trend vs mother's education may be due to other factors. A community-based educational programme to promote early breast feeding is required, along with training on lactation management counselling for health workers. This will help in achieving healthy child development through prevention of childhood malnutrition.
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