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Title: Toxic shock syndrome.
Authors: Dass, Rashna
Nishad, P
Singhi, Sunit
Issue Date: 28-May-2004
Citation: Dass R, Nishad P, Singhi S. Toxic shock syndrome. Indian Journal of Pediatrics. 2004 May; 71(5): 433-5
Abstract: The authors present two children who had fever >or=38.9 degree C, diffuse rash, hypotension, deranged renal and hepatic functions, disseminated intravascular coagulation, altered sensorium and inflamed oral mucosa. They responded to fluids, inotropes, antibiotics and intravenous immunoglobulin (2 g/kg). Desquamation particularly of palms and soles and periungal region was noted 1 to 2 weeks after onset of illness. These features were consistent with the diagnosis of staphylococcal toxic shock syndrome (TSS). The cases highlight that TSS is very much with us and can mimic a variety of other diseases. Early recognition, and aggressive antimicrobial supportive and IVIG therapy cover can ensure complete recovery.
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