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Title: Paradoxical response to antitubercular drugs.
Authors: Kumar, S
Puri, V
Mehndiratta, M M
Gupta, S
Bhutani, A
Sharma, C
Issue Date: 1-Nov-1995
Citation: Kumar S, Puri V, Mehndiratta MM, Gupta S, Bhutani A, Sharma C. Paradoxical response to antitubercular drugs. Indian Journal of Pediatrics. 1995 Nov-Dec; 62(6): 695-701
Abstract: Seven patients with paradoxical response to antitubercular drugs are reported. In three cases of intracranial tuberculomas, newer lesions appeared and in two cases preexisting tuberculomas enlarged. In two cases of tubercular meningitis, multiple tuberculomas appeared. All these cases exhibited newer symptoms and CT/MBI revealed the paradoxical response to antitubercular drugs. All responded to continued conservative therapy, with addition of pyrazinamide.
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