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Title: Fragile X syndrome among children with mental retardation.
Authors: Elango, R
Verma, I C
Issue Date: 1-Jul-1996
Citation: Elango R, Verma IC. Fragile X syndrome among children with mental retardation. Indian Journal of Pediatrics. 1996 Jul-Aug; 63(4): 533-8
Abstract: Prospective screening for fragile X syndrome was carried out among 1,111 patients with mental retardation who attended the Genetic clinic. Using defined clinical criteria, 55 patients were selected for cytogenetic studies to detect folate sensitive fragile sites. Twenty patients were diagnosed to have the fragile X syndrome. The prevalence of fragile X (A) syndrome was 18 per 1,000 patients of both sexes with mental retardation, 2.8% among male patients with mental retardation, and 5.8% among subjects with nonspecific mental retardation.
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