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Title: Pediatric sarcoidosis in India.
Authors: Gupta, S K
Issue Date: 5-Oct-2001
Citation: Gupta SK. Pediatric sarcoidosis in India. Indian Journal of Pediatrics. 2001 Oct; 68(10): 931-5
Abstract: OBJECTIVE: Since 1957, when the first pediatric case of sarcoidosis was reported, 11 more cases have been traced in the Indian literature. METHODS: Nine of them were reported from general wards of hospitals (while the remaining 3 were from pediatric unit of AIIMS, New Delhi). Failure of initial treatment with anti-tuberculosis drugs for some months, necessitated search for an alternative diagnosis. Considerable delay (several months to years) occurred due to several parent- or physician-dependant factors. RESULTS: Affection more in girls (9 to 12), universal fever and constitutional symptoms, loss of weight, scanty lung features, hepatomegaly, often with massive splenomegaly, frequent lymphadenopathy etc. caused initial confusion. CONCLUSION: Treatment with oral steroid or with chloquine and NSAIDS with or without steroid MDI gave equally good results. Long follow-up was done in a few cases only, showing relapses in nearly 66%. One case had a superinfection with acid-fast bacilli.
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