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Title: Early intervention in developmental delay.
Authors: Sengupta, Uma
Kumar, Arun
Gupta, Saurabh
Anthony, Fredy
Nizamie, Alka
Issue Date: 2-Apr-2008
Citation: Sengupta U, Kumar A, Gupta S, Anthony F, Nizamie A. Early intervention in developmental delay. Indian Journal of Pediatrics. 2008 Apr; 75(4): 393-7
Abstract: A 10-month-old child with prenatal history of vaginal bleeding in mother at 8 weeks of pregnancy, delivered by cesarean section and history of neonatal jaundice was bought with poor social smile, poor eye contact, and inability to sit independently. He was enrolled in early intervention programme, which included relaxation exercises, passive exercises, visual stimulation and auditory stimulation. By the end of 8 months of the therapy, he could walk independently, was able to pick glassful of water and keeping away after drinking, was using disyllabic words meaningfully, could indicate for hunger and toilet and was able to recognize the parents and self.
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