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Title: Transient leukemia.
Authors: Anand, Hema
Bakhshi, Sameer
Saxena, Renu
Issue Date: 1-Apr-2009
Citation: Anand H, Bakhshi S, Saxena R. Transient leukemia. Indian Journal of Pathology & Microbiology. 2009 Apr-Jun; 52(2): 257-9
Abstract: A new born with a mongoloid slant, brachycephaly and low-set ears presented at birth with a total leucocyte count of 57 x 10(3)/microL and the differential leucocyte count revealed 70% of these to be blasts. The morphology of the blasts was not characteristic of myeloid and lymphoid lineage. Cytochemistry showed myeloperoxidase (MPO), Sudan Black B (SBB), periodic acid-Schiff (PAS) and non-specific esterase (NSE) negativity. Flowcytometry showed blasts that were positive for CD-33, CD-34 and CD-7. On second follow-up on the 10th day, the same picture persisted on morphology. On subsequent follow-up, the blasts disappeared. This was thus confirmed to be a case with transient leukemia with Downs syndrome.
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