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Title: Metastasis of breast lobular carcinoma in a cervical leiomyoma.
Authors: Jashnani, Kusum D
Agrawal, Vinita R
Naik, Leena P
Issue Date: 22-Apr-2007
Citation: Jashnani KD, Agrawal VR, Naik LP. Metastasis of breast lobular carcinoma in a cervical leiomyoma. Indian Journal of Pathology & Microbiology. 2007 Apr; 50(2): 378-9
Abstract: We report here a case of 40-year-old female admitted in view of bilateral ovarian tumors. There was past history of modified radical mastectomy. CT scan revealed a uterine cervicalfibroid in addition to bilateral adnexal masses. Lobular carcinoma metastasis were seen in the leiomyoma as well as in the bilateral ovaries. Metastasis of ductal carcinoma to uterine leiomyoma have been reported in literature. The present case is unique in two ways--(1) metastasis of lobular carcinoma (2) occurring in a cervical leiomyoma.
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