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Title: Barrett's esophagus.
Authors: Amarapurkar, A D
Vora, I M
Dhawan, P S
Issue Date: 29-Oct-1998
Citation: Amarapurkar AD, Vora IM, Dhawan PS. Barrett's esophagus. Indian Journal of Pathology & Microbiology. 1998 Oct; 41(4): 431-5
Abstract: Contrary to earlier definition of Barrett's oesophagus which referred to the presence of metaplastic columnar epithelium of either gastric or intestinal type, the new definition lays stress on presence of specialised columnar epithelium (SEC) with goblet cells. Hence this study was carried out to determine the frequency of specialised columnar epithelium in Indian population. 150 cases of dyspepsia underwent esophagogatro duodenoscopy with esophageal biopsy. Slides were stained with routine H and E stain and alcian blue-PAS stain. Histologically, esophagitis was found in 75 (50%) and columnar epithelium-gastric type in 63 (42%) cases only 4 (2.6%) cases showed presence of specialised columnar epithelium which were labelled as Barrett's esophagus, giving an incidence of 2.6% in this study.
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